Title Update 6 arrives for Gears of War 2

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    Darren Allan


    Today sees the arrival of Title Update 6 for Microsoft’s acclaimed shooter sequel.

    It brings one major new feature to Gears of War 2, along with some bug fixes, weapon balancing, tweaks to client-side hit detection, and the removal of some commonly known exploits.

    For instance, match time limits have been added to Submission, Annex, King of the Hill, and Guardian games, to stop players from preventing the objective being completed while just racking up points.

    However, the central attraction of the update is a new multiplayer match called Social Xbox Live (also known as player matches).

    This is open to anyone who owns all the downloadable maps (most easily purchased in one bundle, the All Fronts Collection, which has been discounted to 800 MS points).

    These more casual Social Xbox Live games allow players to join and leave at any time, with no penalty levied. However, if you do leave a match early, you’ll lose any experience points earned during it.

    Title Update 6 also adds the ability to join Horde sessions which are in progress (although in Ranked Horde, you can only join via invite).

    Gear heads can grab the update on Xbox Live now, and to celebrate its availability, Epic and Microsoft have decided to throw a weekend party.

    Not one featuring huge quantities of booze, loud music, drunk dancing and urinating in plant pots, but one that involves playing Gears of War 3 – for triple experience points.

    Players will earn triple experience starting from 2pm tomorrow, and finishing Tuesday at 2pm. That’s a long weekend, even for a bank holiday, but Gears players won’t be complaining.

    All this should help fill some time while waiting for Gears 3, which is projected to be out in around a year’s time.

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