Deadly Sin 2 indie RPG released

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Oct 20, 2013
2nd July 2010 08:02 PM

Darren Allan


Deadly Sin 2 is an independently produced RPG set in a world where several opposing factions clash for the crown of the Archaelus Empire.

In this sequel, the player takes the role of Carrion Iblis, a warrior and Imperial soldier who, along with his band of friends, intends to fulfil his destiny and save the world from a catalogue of evils such as rampaging undead and overly long cut-scenes.

The graphics are fairly simple, with the main view an overhead perspective, but the menus and interface certainly look neat and tidy.

Plenty of turn based strategic combat is involved in your quest, with a new hard difficulty setting introduced to make the fights much tougher for veterans of the original Deadly Sin.

Alongside the swords and spells, romance is promised, customisable weaponry, and character advancement via skill trees.

A load of side quests have also been implemented to run alongside the main storyline, as you’d expect, and the developer says there’s about 30 hours worth of play here if you tackle the lot.

If you want to give Deadly Sin 2 a whirl, there’s a demo you can download at the game’s website. The full version costs £13.86, which is a tad rich for our tastes, but of course the demo’s free so you can try before you commit.