Star Wars remade with action figures on YouTube

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Oct 20, 2013
8th July 2010 02:23 PM

Darren Allan


YouTube has brought us many, many clips since it became the video giant of the web, but the latest home-made epic we’ve stumbled across (via Topless Robot) is Toy Wars.

Toy Wars is a remake of the original (and still the best, well, perhaps shaded by Empire) Star Wars movie by Sillof on YouTube, using the famous action figures and toys.

So at the beginning, a toy Star Destroyer hoves into view above the camera – the effect is really rather amusing, and it’s actually pretty well done. Or we think so, anyway. The Jawa sand-crawler in the second Toy Wars clip is even more impressive.

There’s no dialogue, but the correct background music tracks and some sound effects are here, complete with graphics such as flashes of light for the lasers. And let’s face it, we pretty much know the story already, anyway – plus the added bonus is you don’t have to listen to C-3PO’s inane babbling.

Parts 1 and 2 of Toy Wars have been uploaded to YouTube thus far, with presumably many more to come. If you’ve got five minutes and you’re a fan, give it a watch, and reminisce of those childhood days when you longed for the full set of Star Wars action figures.

And you wished that your brother hadn’t broken your Millennium Falcon in that last mock Death Star battle.