Clip of Lost epilogue from DVD box-set online

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Oct 20, 2013
5th August 2010 01:33 PM

Darren Allan

Remember how the end of Lost wasn’t quite the end, with the upcoming full DVD box-set promising an extra 11 minute scene as a sort of epilogue?

We knew the scene revolved around Hurley and Ben taking charge of the island, and what happened to it under their jurisdiction, before they snuffed it and ended up in the church of the dead at the end of the series.

But now we’ve got a proper taster of this epilogue, thanks to a short video clip which has been put up on Access Hollywood.

You can check it out for yourself here. It involves Ben, a Dharma warehouse and – surprise, surprise – another mystery by the looks of things.

To see the full thing, you’ll have to buy the complete Lost box-set when it comes out in September. Either that or wait five minutes for it to be uploaded to YouTube.

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