London cinema plans 80 hour Lost marathon

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Oct 20, 2013
27th August 2010 10:21 AM

Darren Allan

Lost fans – mind you, only really serious Lost fans – should be aware of a marathon event which is planned by the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square.

Screen Geek reports that starting on the morning of the September 13th, the cinema will be screening every single episode of the series back to back, to celebrate the launch of the DVD box set which happens on the same day.

That’s 121 episodes in total, with a running time of over 80 hours. Yes, 80 hours, which means the marathon won’t finish until some time on Thursday. That’s some serious dedication you’ll need to get through that lot, although regular breaks and the like will be provided.

Only 280 people will be allowed in to experience this test of cinematic endurance, and you can register your interest in being one of the chosen few by emailing

While watching the whole thing like a giant film might seem to be a cool (if slightly mental) idea on the face of it, when you think about it, the marathon is likely to highlight the plot holes, inconsistencies and many bits and pieces that were never tied up by the writers.

Which is stuff most of us forgot about when spanned over the years, but when viewed back to back, we can’t help but think that a lot of questions are bound to be raised. That is, if you don’t keep falling asleep and missing ten hour chunks.