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    Darren Allan


    The BBC has released the third in its series of adventure games based on the Doctor Who series, featuring the current incarnation of the Doc and his assistant, Amy Pond.

    The third game is simply called TARDIS, and like the others, it’s a free download for everyone residing in the UK. As the name suggests, this episode gives you the opportunity to fly the fabled blue box, and to explore its enigmatic innards.

    In terms of the plot, apparently the TARDIS has been caught in a time riptide, which presumably means two time-lines have crossed, or something like that, and the Doctor is being forced to have dinner and breakfast simultaneously. Oh all right, actually the riptide has left the Doctor trapped in the void – where he’s forced to eat three Shredded Wheat with gravy and peas – and Amy must rescue him.

    Okay, so the game doesn’t actually contain any dangerous culinary combinations whatsoever. What it does contain is the usual mix of collectibles, stealthy alien dodging, and a number of generally not too taxing puzzle mini-games (if the first episode was anything to go by).

    Grab the latest adventure at the Beeb website here. It’s a 265MB download, and there’s a handy system check on the site you can use to ensure the game will run on your PC.

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