Sigourney Weaver talks Ghostbusters 3

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Oct 20, 2013
3rd September 2010 12:06 PM

Darren Allan


So, Ghostbusters 3, is it going to happen? Well, maybe. Or maybe not. But it seems like it could be more of a possibility, with Sigourney Weaver spilling some further info on the potential three-quel.

Spectra magazine quotes the actress as saying that work is underway on the script. She also offered up an idea of how the film might be pitched.

Weaver said: “All I said was I really think my little boy Oscar, who went through that traumatic kidnapping [in the second film], should be a Ghostbuster. So I think that might happen.”

Which makes some sense, and would mean Sigourney could be worked back into the film as a genuine character (as opposed to being shoe-horned back in).

Another source,, agrees with this rumour, and indeed adds that Oscar might turn out to be Bill Murray’s son. Apparently all the Ghostbusters are set to return for number three, plus Weaver and Rick Moranis. Of course, take all this with a large pinch of ectoplasm.

Despite the fact that this probably should never be made, we still hope it is, as there’s definitely a part of us that yearns to watch it. Even if it is an Ectomobile crash.

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