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Oct 20, 2013
19th November 2010 02:03 AM

Elaine Frei


October saw the release of two new novels from well-known names in science fiction and fantasy, Stephen R. Donaldson and Connie Willis.

First up is All Clear, from multiple Hugo and Nebula-award winning Connie Willis. All Clear is a sequel to her Blackout, and returns too the time-travel theme of her earlier volumes, The Doomsday Book and To Say Nothing of the Dog. Three researchers from Oxford in 2060 have traveled back to England at the time of World War II. They feel confident enough in their travel, since it has long been established that travelers in time can observe events in the past, but those events can never be altered. Only now, this seems not to be the case after all, and this knowledge brings with it the danger that one or all of the three might have done something that could change the outcome of the war. Oh, and there is one other small detail. All three scholars are now lost in the past that they might be inadvertently changing, just at the time when it is most crucial that they return to their own time and place.

All Clear is available in the US and UK from Spectra books, in hardcover and is also available for Kindle, and on audio CD.

Also released in October was Against All Things Ending, the third book in the Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, by Stephen R. Donaldson. In this next to last installment in the Last Chronicles, Thomas Covenant has been resurrected with his body and spirit reunited and once again mortal after having been imprisoned in the Arch of Time, a timeless place where he could see across the whole of time and the universe. So, it is a big adjustment he has to make, being back in a moral body, with all the limitations that entails. He has been brought back by the actions of Linden Avery, the woman who loves him. But her actions have also awakened the Worm of the World’s End, which might well mean the end of the Land and the Earth. Linden’s adopted son, Jeremiah, may hold the key to defeating the Worm of the World’s End, but he has secrets, and problems, of his own.

The sequel to The Runes of the Earth and Fatal Revenant, Against All Things Ending is available from Putnam in the United States and from Gollancz in the UK, in hardback and as an eBook.

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