Yoostar 2 announces movie set-list including Star Trek

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    Darren Allan


    If you’ve come across the original Yoostar, you’ll be familiar with the premise: It’s a game which allows you to insert yourself into your favourite movie.

    The sequel to Yoostar is due on March 11th, and uses the Xbox Kinect or PlayStation Eye to allow players to become movie stars on the small screen – or to star alongside the greats, if you prefer.

    It’s also the player’s decision whether to stick to the script, or go off-track with some improvisation, the comedy results of which can be directly uploaded to social networks.

    With the release of Yoostar 2 just around the corner, developer Blitz Games Studios has unveiled the full set-list of Hollywood scenes and sets which you can partake of. So what sci-fi and fantasy gems are to be had here?

    Sets for Clash of the Titans, I Am Legend, The Matrix (and Revolutions), Men in Black, and the bridge of the Enterprise-D (from Star Trek: The Next Generation) are included.

    And scenes have been pulled from Kick Ass, Frankenstein, The Mummy, Shaun of the Dead, Star Trek (the original and Next Generation), Superman Returns and The Terminator.

    You’ll need plenty of toilet rolls for The Mummy scene, a chair to lie across for Superman Returns, and of course a marble for The Terminator (along with some tomato ketchup).

    Of course there are far more movies represented in total, with 10 sets and 44 scenes in total, from Along Came Polly to Zoolander. You can check out the full listing at the official Yoostar website.

    Nicholas Reichenbach, Chief Content Officer for the Yoostar Entertainment Group, commented: “There is a certain challenge to selecting the right mix of movie and TV scenes that have the prerequisites needed to be both fun and entertaining.”

    “But all that effort was worth it as we have some phenomenal bilingual content – from tear-jerkers and slapstick comedies, to Hollywood blockbusters and cult classics. Yoostar 2 has something for everyone.”

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