Arnie and original cast to return in Terminator 2012?

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Oct 20, 2013
3rd May 2011 04:26 PM

Darren Allan

Here’s a corker of a story currently doing the rounds. The ex-Governor of California, old Arnie himself, is to return to play the Terminator in a new movie.

Apparently Justin Lin (of The Fast and the Furious fame) has been pencilled in to direct, with the pitch currently circulating around major studios – and there’s every chance it could be picked up. Or at least a decent chance, anyway.

Latino Review reports that not only is Arnie set to come back in Terminator 2012, as it has been tentatively named at the moment, but other members of the cast are as well. In fact, the “entire original cast” according to Latino Review’s source.

That means the return of Linda Hamilton (as mum) and Michael Biehn (Kyle Reese) in what would be more than a blast from the past.

Quite how those actors look now – and indeed quite what shape Arnie is in to take on the mantle of the hulking cyborg – we’re not sure. But of course, you can do a lot with effects these days.

Exactly where the story will go is the real question, though. It seems unlikely that it would attempt to pick up where Terminator Salvation left off – to the relief of the majority of fans and critics – and instead may go back to be a sort of follow-up to Terminator 2.

Lin himself has said he wants to focus on the human side of the story, avoiding obsessing with effects and technology. Who knows what it’ll turn out like if the film does get the green light, but bums-on-cinema-seats are pretty much guaranteed regardless, even if just to rubberneck at the car crash.