Jurassic Park 4 all set to roar?

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Oct 20, 2013
17th June 2011 11:51 AM

Darren Allan


It seems that a fourth Jurassic Park film could be happening.

Well, why not, after all the film industry these days seems to be doing more rebooting than a virus-infested PC.

Jurassic Park 3 was out in 2001 and although it did well enough at the box office, critics gave it a lukewarm-to-hostile reception.

But a decade has passed, and it seems that Steven Spielberg is now thinking about bringing the franchise back for Jurassic Park 4.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Spielberg has been getting together with writer Mark Protosevich and discussing the idea. They’ve had at least two chin-wags, so the rumour mill has it.

Rumour also has it this one could travel way back in time and actually be fully prehistoric in its large-dinosaur-stomping action.

This is all just whispers at the moment, of course. It’s pretty likely that it’ll get the go-ahead, though, let’s face it, as the franchise has guaranteed pulling power behind it.

Even though the third film was nominated for a Golden Raspberry, it still placed in the top ten grossing films worldwide in 2001.

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