Brandon Sanderson?s Warbreaker out in time for New Year

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Oct 20, 2013
1st September 2011 05:20 PM

Kerry Butters

Out just in time for the New Year is a new title by the author of the popular Mistborn series, Brandon Sanderson. Warbreaker is to be released by Gollancz Books on 29th December 2011.

Warbreaker is the story of two sisters, who happen to be princesses, the God King one of them has to marry, a lesser god, and an immortal trying to undo the mistakes he made hundreds of years ago.

Theirs is a world in which those who die in glory return as gods to live confined to a pantheon in Hallandren’s capital city. A world transformed by BioChromatic magic, a power based on an essence known as breath.

Using magic is arduous: breath can only be collected one unit at a time from individual people. But the rewards are great: by using breath and drawing upon the color in everyday objects, all manner of miracles and mischief can be performed.

With Warbreaker, Brandon Sanderson proves again that he is a master of what Tolkien called ‘secondary creation,’ the invention of whole worlds, complete with magics and myths all of their own.

Excerpt from the Prologue:

“The guards laughed to one another, slamming the cell door shut with a clang. Vasher stood and dusted himself off, rolling his shoulder and wincing. While the bottom half of his cell door was solid wood, the top half was barred, and he could see the three guards open his large duffel and rifle through his possessions.

One of them noticed him watching. The guard was an oversized beast of a man with a shaved head and a dirty uniform that barely retained the bright yellow and blue coloring of the T’Telir city guard.”

About the author:

Brandon Sanderson was born in Nebraska in 1975. His first novel was the acclaimed Elantris.

Since then he has written the Mistborn series and the standalone novel Warbreaker and become a New York Times bestselling author, hailed as the natural successor to Robert Jordan.

Indeed he was chosen by the Jordan estate to complete the Wheel of Time sequence following Jordan’s death. He lives in Utah where he is working on The Way of Kings, the first of a new epic fantasy series.

Warbreaker is available for pre-order now on Amazon.

Paperback: 688 pages
Publisher: Gollancz (29 Dec 2011)
ISBN-10: 0575097469
ISBN-13: 978-0575097469

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