Doncaster man has world?s largest Dalek collection

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Oct 20, 2013
16th September 2011 11:35 AM

Darren Allan


Want to know what a Dalek invasion really looks like?

Never mind the Beeb’s special effects, just get yourself down to Rob Hull’s house in Doncaster.

Because the Guinness World Records has recognised Rob as the record holder for the world’s largest collection of Daleks.

Bizarrely, Rob isn’t actually much of a fan of the show itself, just the salt-and-pepper pot lookalike mutant cyborgs which have terrified youngsters for decades now.

In a YouTube interview posted by Guinness World Records, Rob said: “I’m not a big Doctor Who fan, it’s mostly that I’m a Dalek fan.”

So how many Daleks does Rob have crammed into his house? 571. That’s quite a few, but a record that’s likely to be broken now the gauntlet has been thrown down.

Of course, they’re not all full-size Daleks, but some are proper six foot models which can actually turn and have the flashing lights and other bits and bobs. And cost a couple of grand, to boot.

But a great deal of them are smaller models and toys. Still, it’s an impressive effort, even if his wife isn’t so keen given that she was scared silly by the Skarovians as a child.

We’re also willing to bet massed rows of hundreds of the little blighters on shelves all around your lounge is bloody terrible feng-shui.

Rob’s small army represents twenty years of collecting, and he’s unlikely to stop now.

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