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    Teresa Edgerton

    A trade paperback edition of this classic swashbuckling fantasy adventure is now available through the Lulu store and is expected to start appearing at amazon.com and other online outlets in late November. Kindle and other ebook editions are expected to appear in October.


    Coffins float down the river, hobgoblins emerge from their dens, alchemists pore over ancient texts in search of the secret of creating life — and one man fights a secret battle against cruelty and injustice, with wit, ingenuity, and a lethal lack of compunction.

    GUNPOWDER AND ALCHEMY supersedes Sword and Sorcery in this swashbuckling tale of witchcraft, mesmerism, animal magnetism, schemes, subterfuges, disguises, revenges, secret societies, and secret identities


    “In an era of dross, when most fantasy novels seem to be only role playing games writ large, Ms. Edgerton has set out in search of the true Philosopher’s Stone — her genuine writer’s voice.”
    —Tad Williams

    “Everything I wished for and more … Excellent, excellent, excellent!”
    —Kate Elliott

    “As satisfying a modern novel as one could wish for. Stylish and inventive, with a unique flavor interweaving the best of the romantical reality of a particular period in history with a highly original use of fantasy elements.”
    —Baird Searles, Asimov’s Science Fiction

    “The characters of Goblin Moon are always in motion, always playing off something or someone, always acting and reacting as the circumstances demand. Edgerton has effectively filtered the classic styles of Charles Dickens and Alexander Dumas from modern and screen adaptations back into prose … A fascinating accomplishment.”
    —John Bunnell, Dragon Magazine

    “A delightful book, set in a world where magic adds intrigue to a society much like Georgian England.”
    —Out of this World Tribune


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