Walking Dead season 3 confirmed

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Oct 20, 2013
26th October 2011 02:23 PM

Darren Allan


The Walking Dead has only just shambled back onto our screens for season two, minus Mr Darabont, the showrunner who famously exited mid-way through putting together the second outing.

And already the good news has come through that the zombie apocalypse has been green lit for a third season by AMC over in the US.

Viewing figures have been pretty good over in America for the first two episodes, and certainly promising enough to pull a third run out of the hat.

The season two opener, “What Lies Ahead”, seems to have hit a love/hate chord with fans, and we must admit we’re classing ourselves more in the latter category.

It’s not that we hated it, but the première seemed quite slow paced – not a great deal really happened, and what did happen seemed unlikely in many respects.

Letting kids stroll around rooting through cars containing dead bodies/potential zombies, not spotting a horde of oncoming shufflers until they were almost on top of them, despite having a look-out with binoculars, and so forth.

Compared to the first season, it seemed a little weak to us, but we’re not about to condemn the show on any of these negatives. The episode was still watchable enough.

Anyway, back to the matter in hand. AMC announced the renewal in a press release, and stated that season two was delivering “the strongest telecasts for any drama in basic cable history against Adults 18-49”, apparently “shattering a basic cable record set nearly 10 years ago for a single drama telecast (‘The Dead Zone’).”

The Walking Dead, it would seem, is definitely here to stay for the foreseeable.

Charlie Collier, AMC’s President, commented: “Today we are pleased to announce that the ‘dead’ shall live as we proudly renew ‘The Walking Dead’ for a third season on AMC and, globally, with our terrific partners at Fox International Channels.”

“We are thankful for everyone’s contribution in front of and behind the camera as we continue to make ‘The Walking Dead’ a unique television experience. And, we are so proud as it continues to set viewership records around the world.”

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