Cosm By Gregory Benford


None The Wiser
Jul 24, 2003
A novel based on some pretty interesting speculation in the fields of particle physics and Cosmology(disclaimer: I'm not an expert so what I find interesting, others may find hokum....I'm not in a position to judge).

An African-American female scientist accidentally creates a new universe where time travels exponentially when compared to our own.

The good part of this tale is the fascination in reading how the scientists witness this universe from big bang through billions of years of evolution.

The bad part of this book is based firmly in the characters. As previously mentioned, the main protagonist happens to be female African-American but, in truth, this in itself brings very little of note to the table. It would not have mattered one iota if the main character had been male caucasian. Add in a little subterfuge and the inevitable pinch of government interference and there you have it.

In conclusion, I was left wondering about the Cosmos but not caring a jot for the cast of characters. Definitely not a book I would go back to.

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