Help me remember a book from my childhood


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Sep 30, 2013
Hi guys

First time poster. Looks like you have a nice site here.

I am wondering if anyone can help me?

Read a lot of old sci fi when I was younger, Asimov, Dick, Herbert and other assorted loveliness. I have really been struggling to remember a set of books that I would love to read again.

I recall that it was a trilogy or at least a short series, I suspect that they are famous, but can't seem to find them using my limited search-fu.

The starting book had a military family who had, for some reason or other, to take up arms again. They had an old shuttle that they used to get off the planet and set off on their adventure. I am sure their children objected to them leaving, but I can't be sure. I distinctly remember one of the books ending in a disused theme park which may have been Disney themed. I think that this was the planet earth and the protagonist was disappointed at what it had become.

I keep on coming back to the forever war, but whenever I read plot synopsis' it doesn't quite feel right.

I must admit that those initial forays into what I would consider classic sci fi have stood me in good stead, I still read Phillip k dick when I can, and have always held Dune and foundation close to my heart. This set of novels triggers fond memories, and as such, I would love it if someone could pin down what it was I read.

Thanks for reading my ramblings

Moved your thread to 'book search', where it's more likely to draw the attention of those of us who specialise in this detective work (which includes me, but I've drawn a blank on this one, so far. Perhaps it will come to me).
Thanks for moving across, I don't know if I am encouraged or disheartened by the swathes of posts on all sorts of forgotten books!

It has been going round my head for years and I eventually decided to seek the assistance of those more learned than I.

If anything pops into your head I would be grateful.

I'm pretty sure you are right that it is not Forever War, doesn't sound much like that book at all.

But, sadly, it doesn't ring any bells with me either.
what about the lazarus long series? from robert heinlein.

I have had a little look at the Lazarus long series and it does ring some bells, I suspect I have read some of those books too!

I am almost certain that the novels aren't part of the Lazarus series, although the name Woodrow Wilson does chime with my memories of the period.

That is the real difficulty with this sort of thing, you end up merging various novels into one big stream of consciousness.

If it helps I recall that the community that the military types left was a scientific one, they may have even been extant military scientists. I also distinctly remember a naivety from their offspring, they were either really keen for their parents to get involved, a la Starship Troopers, or they were ardently opposed to their parents helping, despite it benefiting the colony in the long run.

I also remember some sort of robotic or powered suits that we either utilised by the protagonists or they had to face them.

Going back to my original post the thing that really sticks out about the series is the rather abstract ending (in one of the novels) whereby the protagonist(s) ended up in an empty theme park with a robotic guide. The guide is possibly some sort of oracle or intelligent being manifested as a mere theme park guide, I can't be sure.

I very much appreciate the responses so far.


Hi Necro, I think I am looking for the same book as you, robotic suits ending in a Disney carpark. Did you have any luck in tracing the book?

This is way out of left field and I don't know if it relates, but the AI and the Disney theme park I just saw in the film "Love and Monsters".

Cheers, Greg.