Brian Aldiss

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Mar 11, 2011
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Having taken a brief break from my writing I fell upon the books Greybeard and Hothouse and greedily consumed them. I'm sure I read Hothouse as a child but I was blown away by the sheer creativity of a world dominated by plants. Greybeard was a different tale and slightly dated by the age it was written in, but the concept of a society run by old folk was also a refreshing different perspective from the usual young hero protagonist. I tip my hat to you Mr Aldiss - Can anybody recommend any of his other works? Heliconia ?:D

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Nov 20, 2006
For a recent thread discussing his work, look here.

He wrote several short story collections, one of which I read recently and it contained some excellent and very imaginative stories: "The Canopy Of Time".

If you prefer novels, I would say that "Non-Stop" is up there as one of his best. I also really enjoyed "The Interpreter" and "Equator".

If you fancy something epic, you could try his "Helliconia" trilogy that is his masterpiece.