I'm looking for book/s about mankinds first trips into deep space.


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Apr 28, 2013
I've been searching online for some good books to read about mans first trips into deep space and what they might of discovered. Does anyone have any suggestions on some good reads? Thanks again.
Wanting to read a book about mans first trips into deep space.

What they might discover, any contact made, technology, ect. I've tried searching online, but haven't had any luck. Any help is meh appreciated.
Can't help you myself, but I will take this across the General Book Discussion where the learned in such things congregate. (Book Search is more for people who need help recalling the titles and authors of books they've read.) I've merged it with the other thread you made, as we don't usually allow two on the same subject, in different forums or otherwise.

Good luck in finding some good reads!
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Too many to list but here's a couple of suggestions:

Gregory Benford's Galactic Centr Series; hard SF that's not to everyone's tast but covers mans first venture into deep space and discovering we're not the first out there.

Poul Anderson's Tau Zero; brilliant book.

Encounter with Tiber by Buzz Aldrin and John Barnes; a very good hard SF book again about mankind's first venture into deep space.
I thought Boulle's original Planet of the Apes was great. The films that followed, well, it is the same thing and it's not. I don't want to spoil anything but it was a good solid read with a lot of deep ideas rolled in for the ride.
I love the whole feeling of the voyage in Out of the Silent Planet. Granted, it's a first voyage for the protagonist, who's been kidnapped by earthmen making their second journey. Check it out!
Thanks guys, I'm going to check them out on my iPad. I read tons of the trek books, but looking for a change of pace. Thanks again.
Some suggestions:
Paul Maculey - In the mouth of the Whale, where post-Humans flee to Fomalhaut
Stephen Baxter - Ark, an experimental starship flees a flooded Earth
Phillip Mann - Pioneers, very dark scenario
Alastair Reynolds - Blue remembered Earth, first in the Poseidon's Children series, to be about leaving the Solar System