Extremely Crackpot Theory: Darkstar/Aegon Targaryen (Spoilers)

Lord Clegane

Feb 20, 2013
This is a theory a friend of mine mentioned that he'd seen online, but I haven't found on this forum.

Basically, we are told that Daynes and Targaryens share some physical traits, for example the purple eyes and blond hair. We also know how close Rhaegar Targaryen was to Arthur Dayne, the last sword of the morning.
On top of this, it is stated that Varys switched baby Aegon Targaryen for a common child.

What if the baby Gerold Dayne was switched with Aegon, somehow unbeknownst to Varys? And Varys then switched Gerold Dayne with the common child, meaning that the boy who thinks he's Aegon is actually Gerold Dayne, and a mummer's dragon?

The logic behind this swap is not completely ridiculous; Daynes and Targaryens do look similar, and even a brute of Gregor Clegane's mould would have a vague idea of what to look for in a Targaryen child. It should also be kept in mind that such a switch would have had to have happened early on in Robert's Rebellion, when the risk of King's Landing being sacked was relatively low, yet Rhaegar wanted to do everything possible to ensure the survival of the child that he believed to be the Prince that was Promised. Since Arthur Dayne was so close to him, baby Gerold would have been a perfect choice.

If this theory proves true, it would have serious consequences for the list of potential Azor Ahais Reborn. If 'Darkstar' becomes sword of the morning, he would inherit a sword called 'Dawn', which is a fitting name for Lightbringer. He is also of Aerys' line, and the 'salt and smoke' could be a reference to the Rebellion, which would have caused tears to be shed (salt) and buildings to burn (smoke). Since he would be really Aegon, he would also have been born beneath the comet.

There are, of course, a number of downsides to this theory. For one, I'm pretty sure Darkstar couldn't care less about anything, meaning a Nissa Nissa is fairly hard to come by. I have also been unable to find an age for Darkstar, but the more I think about him the less likely he seems to be 16-ish. I also can't see much slipping past Vars, particularly something this huge.

So yeah. What do you guys think?
LC, I remember the idea of Aegon=Gerold theory being floated just after AFFC was published. The discussion on the Chrons probably took place in one of the "Who are Jon Snow's parents?" threads. I don't think anyone really took it too seriously at the time, but since Aegon has reappeared and there is the prophecy of the mummer's dragon it would not hurt to take another look at Aegon and Gerold.

Pro: Like the Targaryens, the Daynes originally came from Valyria. They share the physical traits of silver hair and purple eyes.

Con: If they were switched and then Gerold was switched with someone else, this requires a third boy with silver hair and purple eyes. The Valyrian racial traits are extremely rare and fairly easily traced. So who was the third boy? He certainly would not have been a commoner... a noble ******* probably, but not a commoner.

Pro: Rhaegar was vey close to Arthur. Rhaegar's wife, Elia, was also close to Arthur's sister, Ashara. The Daynes were proven loyalists and their castle was far from the focus of the rebellion.

Con: If Arthur knew, he sure proved loyal by dying far from Aegon. If Ashara knew, why did she kill herself? She would have been the only main conspirator left to raise, protect, and pass on the information. Also, Rhaegar was closer to Connington than to Arthur. Connington's tale of exile and faked death seem to be safer to protect Aegon than entrusting him to Arthur, a busy man in the middle of a war.

Pro: Varys is the most well connected person in the Seven Kingdoms and his assistance is invaluable to any plot.

Con: Doran and Illyrio had a secret deal to marry Viserys to Arianne. If Varys knew that Aegon was Gerold, then Illyrio knew too. Illyrio knew that Viserys was unstable and an obvious target of Robert, so why did he not tell Doran to switch from Viserys to Aegon... because Aegon was already in Dorne and safe!

Pro: Aegon has reappeared. Whether he is genuine or an imposter, GRRM must explain his origin... and Martin loves sleight of hand... so the first explanation (Aegon is real) might well be false.

Pro: Gerold will reappear. Balon Swann, Obara, and Areo Hotah have been dispatched to find him. Areo is a POV character so the pursuit of Gerold will most likely find it's way into the next book. Obara would like nothing more than to find that Gerold is actually Aegon (her cousin!) and put him on the Iron Throne in a river of Lannister blood. Balon is the one character that Jaime singled out to discover his loyalties... and finding a Targaryen heir would definitely put Balon's loyalties to the test... just the type of foreshadowing that GRRM likes.

Edit: Another pro is that Arianne's first POV might provide a foreshadowing that Gerold is Aegon. While watching Gerold, Arianne considered bedding him. She thought, "...our children would be as beautiful as dragonlords." Of course that may be just because of Gerold's Valyrian ancestry or it could be a hint that he already is a dragonlord.