Republic of Thieves Publication Date


Thanks for all the fish
Jul 13, 2006
The Cloud
I'm reading it and I'm so happy :D Things are getting good. He's still doing the kid-Locke intertwined with current story thing and as usual, even though you have that initial miffed feeling at being pulled from the plotline, the kid parts do fit into it so well. I felt the usual sarcastic bickering between Locke and Jean felt a little bit stilted at first but now, like the plot itself, is starting to flow and rock and roll.

Though I would like to see a return to Locke and Jean being masters of their own fates again. It does seem to be the trope that someone rucks up and makes them work for them somehow.

I loved the character of The Spider in the first book -- the steely, everything under her control old woman -- and a similar character has appeared in this one who looks like she might be interesting. And has had some good lines :D