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Vikings (TV series)


weaver of the unseen
Aug 21, 2007
How do I do the spoiler thingy again? Want to get in on the party :)
In the quick reply panel, next to smiley face is a button that shows three dots. It gives you an option to do a spoiler. It'll ask if you want to title it, which you don't have to, but afterwards as you click through, you'll get an option to write within spoiler brackets. That will show to the people as a spoiler button, when you post.


Well-Known Member
Jun 28, 2007
That was the best episode of the season. I really enjoyed King Olav's description of Ragnarok and his speech during the battle. Poor old King Harald is really a sucker for unattainable beautiful women. The only reason he saves Bjorn is because Gunnhild is looking on. Or that is my reading of it. And all he gets is a knife in the chest for a reward. Harald the Luckless is what he should be called. Still my favourite character of the last few seasons.

Ivarr escapes. Historically he was supposed to be the founder of the Viking kingdom of Dublin but who knows where this show is going. He was also supposed to bethe leader of the The Great Heathen Army that pillaged Wessex during Alfred's reign, along with Ubbe, Guthrum and Halfdan. Will we get to see some of that now that Ubbe is back in Kattegat. His renouncing of his new Christian faith last week does not bode well for his alliance with Alfred.

Overall I would give Season 5 a B - grade. Mainly for spending too long on Ivarr, in Iceland and a rather silly Wessex storyline./SPOILER]


The Iceman cometh
Apr 20, 2010
Last episode was fun overall.
I agree with a lot of the comments above. Bjorn was exceptionally lucky to win the battle due to Ivar having angered his wife days beforehand and therefore giving Bjorn a great tip. I was hoping the next season would focus on a battle vs Harald rather than more with Ivar. Though the seasons are so long that may well happen for some episodes. Though King Harald should live on beyond the timeline of this show.