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Oct 16, 2007
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Attended our Book Festival over the weekend and had a wonderful time! I got my Name of the Wind book signed by Patrick Rothfuss, who is just a really fun guy. :) Unfortunately, I didn't get a whole lot of pictures taken. I will share just a few of mine, and link to some others people took.

edit: Ok, I won't be posting mine because they are too big. I will have to make them smaller I guess. Anyways, here are some links from some pics I found around the web.

Most of the festival is outdoors under tents. The majority of the author panels take place in the lecture halls in the buildings. Here is a look at the outdoor space, and another with some nice clouds.

And here is a look at one of the author panels I attended. And here's another in a different lecture hall.

Also, I posted these in this thread since we had been talking about it here. But I am thinking it would be great to see others pictures taken from their Book Festivals, ComicCons, or their favorite book places (I loved seeing the ones GOLLUM posted previously) and what their experiences there were like. If a mod is in agreement with me, perhaps a new thread could be created and the previous ones in this thread moved there. Just a thought. :)