Reading The Belgariad series, question about the one no one will name


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Feb 18, 2013
So I just started this and I finished up Pawn of Prophecy and moved on to the Queen of Sorcery.

The second book starts off with everyone sitting around the camp just tossing out the name of the guy who stole the orb. During the whole first book they all refused to say his name because if they did the guy would know people were talking about him and be able to track them all.

What changed? Why were they all speaking so freely of him in the second book? I am sorry I don't have the book next to me while posting this so I cant type in his name, but I am pretty sure it started with a Z.
Zedar. They wanted his attention spread all over. makes it more difficult for Zedar to try and find them. Was a while since i last read it though.
Yep, that's the one and that does sound like what they talked about in the second book.

Why did they decide to do this? In the first book they were basically afraid to even think his name because he would hone in on them, then in the second they decided on the opposite and spread his name as far as possible so there would be so much confusion out there he wouldn't know where the real group of them were.
they had the minstrels in the kingdoms of the west start singing and reciting the book of alorn. and the tales of belgarath the sorcerer. with Zedar's name being mentioned so frequently, zedar couldn't pinpoint who exactly or where exactly the significant conversations about him were taking place.
I always thought that the j rowlings bit, " he who shall be nameless" was an illusion or homage to this.
(Bel)Zedar was Belgarath's second brother and probably his equal - he also knew Belgarath was after him and could pluck thoughts of his name or the orb out of the air. With only our friends discussing the matter, he would easily have been able to detect the progress of the pursuit.

Once the orders went out to the minstrels, he'd hear it a thousand times a day. Typically devious, Belgarath.
Thanks all.

I missed that small blurb at the end of book one but now that I know its making a lot more sense.

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