Mr Clarke


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Apr 27, 2011
I was thinking about Mr Clarke yesterday (the back story is that we've moved house today, and yesterday amongst a pile of stress and change I found myself in the back garden standing immobile thinking about Clarkey's stories). I used to love them, couldn't get enough, thought they opened up a great, glorious, expansive universe. I wanted to read some.

But I had got to a stage where I found the writing stilted, and the characters shallow, and I haven't been anywhere near him for around, lets see, thirty years.

If there was one book you would recommend that would give me the same sense of awe I had as a much younger fellow, what would it be?

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Jan 1, 2013
if you are looking for a new author I always found Alistair Reynolds or Stephen Baxter's books very imaginative and mind opening (I hate to us the word expanding, but if it works for you). His characters are very well thought out and feel real. The Reynold's books that I would recommend is Revolution Space, it's part of a series

Best, Rob