Worth Buying??

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Jan 1, 2013
I am working on a paper about Lovecraft's theme of forbidden knowledge and the books that contain it. I was looking for some more reference material and saw the The Encyclopedia Cthulhiana and lo and behold it is out of print and I cannot check it out of the library. Long story short, is it worth spending the almost 40 dollars for a used copy??

Best, Rob
Is that the book by Daniel Harms, that was initially published by Chaosium? I find it an essential book in my career as a Mythos writer, and it also a delight as a source of dead-on information, and as a guide to obscure Mythos tales and authors of which one may never had come across. I am never without it when writing my weird fiction, it is a silver mine of fascinating and thorough information. My preferred edition is THE CTHULHU MYTHOS ENCYCLOPEDIA as it was published in 2008 by Elder Signs Press -- www.eldersignspress.com -- an edition that is updated and may still be available from the publisher, cover price $17.95.

Just checked on Amazon and copies of the new edition are selling for $10!
Thanks for the help. Just ordered the Mythos Encyclopedia from Amazon. Guess I'll have to read the copy of "An Epicure in the Terrible" that I picked up from the library today.
I'll second Wilum's recommendation... though I was not aware of the new edition (need to pick that up at some point, preferably sooner than later). A very informative and helpful book indeed.