Creating original artwork and music for books

Following on the heels of Behsam's post, I'm curious if anyone else creates their own original art and music for their books? Not necessarily for publication purposes, just for fun or inspiration? This may sound odd, but sometimes the places feel so real to me that I want to see them on paper or write a melodic theme for certain characters. I realize this is not part of the actual writing process, but it can help me solidify tone and vocabulary for certain scenes or chapters.

Anybody else do this?

For an independent movie I made a few months back I had to make some tunes and jingles using Fruity Loops.

For book content on audiobook excerpts I have added relevant bits and pieces to it.

Yet mostly I try and find a 'fit' with what it is that's going on at the time in the book etc...
I'll add to the chorus. Those are excellent, HB, and the one by Jennie doubly so.

I think there's a thread like this in the Art section somewhere.

Edit: but that thread isn't quite the same.
I haven't done anything like this myself - although the images and music is all in my head, so it wouldn't be a far stretch to make it real. But as I said in the other thread. Kevin J. Anderson was inspired to do a soundtrack for his Terra Incognita trilogy with Erik Newlander, and released it as an accompanying set of albums to go alongside the books.
I do draw my characters, A LOT, and the different scenes from my book and all; but I have a cast as my characters; people who looks a lot like the faces in my head. I draw them in the shapes and actions of my characters and it feels amazing, honestly :)

As for ORIGINAL music for my stories; I wish I could play an instrument, especially piano and violin, but I can't :( So I have favorite composers and I have score albums for my story called Book Score Playlist I, II, III, etc with the titles of each track named after my story (as if my book is a movie and this the soundtrack of it), with even main titles, characters themes, and ending credit! And I have the cast of the story on the cover art. :)
Harebrain, colour me green. They're lovely. Reminiscent of the Roland Deschain pics in the DT volumes :)

I am so envious of people who are good at fine art, music or have neat handwriting (my folks were told by a teacher that I should be a doctor when I was a kid as my handwriting was so poor, it was perfect for prescriptions...). If I was good enough at traditional art, I would definitely try my hand at illustrating my books. So, cybermike and HB, you have envy :D

I think there's a thread like this in the Art section somewhere.

Edit: but that thread isn't quite the same.

I think I posted in that thread. Maybe I can get away with it again here? I've said my choreography informs my writing and vice versa, from time to time. A while ago I posted an opening for a short story in Critiques about a scarecrow coming to life (and got some great pointers and help). It came from this.

Instead, every so often I trawl deviantart and Google images for pictures or photos that evoke my characters...

I do that too :) It's inspiring. And I actually tell the artists that their art reminds me of my story or inspires me :)
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Alas, no. That's the sum total of my 2008 visually creative spurt.

Since Geist has been mentioned, here's his portrait drawn by Jennie Gyllblad and mucked about with by me. (Any resemblance to Sean Connery is entirely coincidental.)

That's so nice!
I make planets from my sci-fi universe in Photoshop quite often. I am slowly trying to get better at drawing as well but I'm not getting far. What I do is create endless info "articles" arranged in different folders with microsoft word. It is quite handy to be able to go back over them sometimes.
Oh, and Alc's drawings of aliens are very good, he nailed my Zelotyr-scene in one good.

So where are they, Alc? We're waiting to see them.

Instead, every so often I trawl deviantart and Google images for pictures or photos that evoke my characters

I've never done this, but by chance the other day I came across a portrait photo of someone whose complex expression caught a character of mine absolutely perfectly (the right age too, though not quite the right ethnicity). Not only can I turn to it if I need to be reminded what he might look like, but finding that picture confirmed a sense of his reality. So I might try harder to find others.
Scanner ain't working. But my blackberry camera is... my ever trusty... I didn't photograph Alc's dodgy doctor-esque writing, though. But here is his lovely picture of a Zelotyr (he at least proved he'd read the book, it was very like I'd had in my mind :p :D) being hit on the head by a resident of Derry from the city's very fine walls.
Tis attached this time, having a few techy issues. :)


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Michael's eye is two-colored. Gray and blue. So it's fun drawing the iris specially :D

Tis attached this time, having a few techy issues. :)

I think this just turned into the embarrass Alc thread. :p

Looks like something out of a Dr Seuss book.

@Aty, did you draw that? It's really good. I almost thought it was a photo of a real eye when I first saw it.
Thanks guys :)
Oh, okay, so, this is Anahita's eye; she's Michael's beloved girlfriend and her eye are two colored too; gold and gray. :)


And another character of mine, Elizabeth, and she isn't... well, she isn't exactly the kind of person you can trust :p


Well, like I said, I use actors/actresses as reference for my characters. I choose the ones who look a lot like the characters in my head, then draw them in the style and appearance of my own characters :)
Aty, I'm very jealous!

Ah don't be. I wish I could draw concept art, and I wish I didn't need any reference but the images in my head to draw my characters.

I'm trying, I'm a trier, so I might get there one day. I'm hoping. :)
Thanks everyone for posting! HB those are some fun pics, nice pieces. :)

Cybermike- what an interesting guitar. I'd like to hear anything you have recorded. Great drums too. I'm a drummer myself. Don't make them, though. Impressive.

Lola, I do the same thing- Gooling images for my story. I look for architecture, vehicles, and environments mostly. Maybe some clothing.

Springs, that is cool! :) Dint think I've met that character yet.

Behsam, that us incredible! Wow. I agree with Mouse, totally jealous.