(Found) Book with sentient star


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Dec 24, 2012
Hey I remember reading a two part book. In the end first part the hero merges with a sentient star from going nova. His friend(an alien) along with the assassin that tries to kill him in the start also get sucked into this merger. All of them merge with the star and prevent it from going nova. In the end they create a sort of wormhole/bridge through space-time. In the second part it is about a vessel traveling through this bridge and face a threat from bat like aliens that pull passengers into the void while in hyper/metaspace and the protagonist is a little girl. There is a robot common to both these stories. Unfortunately I am unable to remember the name of this two titles and would greatly appreciate it if anyone can point me. Thanks in advance:)

Ian Whates

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Sep 8, 2006
Yup, I'm with FRINK: Frank Herbert's Whipping Star, featuring his recurring character Jorj McKie.


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Sep 21, 2005
In the years since you originally posted this question, has any other detail emerged from your memory that isn't included above? Even the smallest or least certain item might be enough to trigger recognition for someone else.

A helpful guide is available that might shake something loose. For this specific story, can you tell us:
  • How does the reader know that the star is sentient? What kinds of thoughts does the star have? How does it express them?
  • From what planet was the alien friend? Can you remember any details of its anatomy, language, technology, culture or history?
  • Why is the main character supposed to be assassinated? What is the assassin's motivation?
  • Are the various characters male or female? Can you remember any names or parts of names?
  • How do the main characters merge with the star? Is the experience described?
  • Does the star want to go nova? If so, why? How is the nova prevented after the merge?
  • Are the bat-like aliens new in the second part? From which planet are they? Can you remember any details of their anatomy, language, technology, culture or history?
  • What can you remember about the robot that links the two parts? Is it sentient? Does it have a name or model number? Can you remember anything about its construction or abilities?