5.13: Merlin - The Diamond of the Day - Part II


weaver of the unseen
Aug 21, 2007
So it seems the Prophets did not lie. As the great battle rages on Camlann's mighty plain, Merlin faces his moment of destiny. Can he find the strength to save the man he made a King; the Camelot they fought to build; and the brotherhood they shared?

The last episode......the very last episode. Either Arthur dies or Merlin dies to save Arthur. Something about this episode makes me worryed about how the whole series ends. I do hope that no matter what Merlin reveals himself to Arthur and when he does it isnt because Arthur is about to die :(
I don't think anyone'll die. Maybe one of the knights (nominate Leon) at a push.
I don't think anyone'll die. Maybe one of the knights (nominate Leon) at a push.

I hope no one dies but i'm worried thats the ending they're going for :(

If no one dies great :D

But i still want Merlin to reveal himself before the end.
Perwaine almost finished me off tonight. *sob* I almost bawled. Too romantical. Poor Percy! :(

Rest of it was good too, except even my mother was questioning the geography in this one (and at one point she said 'why doesn't he conjure a bus or something to get them there?' I said the dragon was more likely and hey ho...)

Not sure about the end Glasto scene.
Not sure about the end Glasto scene.
It reminded us of the end of Monty Python and the Holy Grail (with the police cars and reporters.) It was certainly odd. How can you rip off 300, Star Wars and Monty Python all within the same 45 minutes?

Morgana's forced choke was too much, and after all those times she didn't croak, Merlin kills her too easily.

Apart from all that, it was pretty good. The Knights were dim to think they could attack Morgana alone. The Dragon just had to make a final appearance. If it had to end then that was as good an end as any. I feel that there were signs that it was running out of ideas - and re-using old ones too much (the woman who became an informant for Morgana and was hung the next morning.)
I mean, Arthur okay, I never liked blonds, but Gawaine. Harummph.

This is why I nominated Leon. :(

Morgana's forced choke was too much, and after all those times she didn't croak, Merlin kills her too easily.

I did think that, but I guess there wasn't enough time to battle her properly. (Also thought the same about the knights scene but it was too lovely and I can't complain about it).
I'm getting a bit too tipsy to comment, but I for one, loved the final two episodes. And nobody has commented about Merlin coming out from the closet and raining lightning bolts on enemy formations.

It was wicked and I only thought he should had done chain lightning, fireballs and conjuring elementals after he told the dragon to såd off. Too bad BBC special effect budget is limited because I would have loved to see him wrecking the battlefield.

But I felt a bit cheated about Mordred doing his deeds as there was no major sword battle between him and Arthur. But I also agree that I felt that Merlin could had called the dragon before and asked him to do the airlifting to the Avalon.

However the lady of the lake and Arthur coming back when Albion need is greatest was something I thought they would had skipped. And that is because I cannot understand why they needed to embrace the legend so strongly when they had been skipping major parts.

For one minute I even thought they would had done the Avalon part wickedly with the First Knight Lancelot stepping out from the soul gate to carry wounded King in Ethereal Realm, while the old king and Dragon would watch over them as Merlin battles Morgana at the background.

I'll give the final episodes four out five stars.
I liked the ending of this but i do feel its a little unfinished, maybe they will make some special tv episodes (well fingers crossed) I also called it (sort of) about Merlin telling the truth to Arthur when he was dieing.
Well that is that then.

As far as things an enjoyable final episode, that did what it needed to.

I was sure that if they ended it there and then, with Arthur's reign so short that I would have been disappointed, but somehow it all seemed to work nicely.

I think they made the right call to stop it where they did, and actually felt it made sense. Arthur may not have had a long reign, bringing peace to a violent land was all he managed. Maybe that was enough.

Gwen could well rule for a long time in his name, and enjoy a peaceful time. But would it be remembered as hers, or the king that made it possible?

Somewhere down the line someone telling the story would have said, surely it works better if Camlann were at the end, not half way through...

So I'm happy with it, and can think about it over Christmas.
And by stopping the story where it did, the ending could focus on the creation of a hero of legend (i.e. the Once and Future King), and the defeat of Mordred and Morgana, rather than the inconvenient (and historical) success of the Angles and Saxons in creating Angle-Land.

Oh, and Merry Christmas, everyone. :)
Did anyone else hear Gaius say, "Only the sheep possess such magic"?

I enjoyed it overall. But I think the greatest failing of the series was especially prominent here, which is that this version of Arthur doesn't come across as a great king, no matter how many other characters tell us he is, so the whole "once and future" business feels hollow. I guess it was his bad luck to be surrounded by characters with more charisma than him.
OK. thank the spirits that's finished ---- Or is it??????

I can't help thinking that a budget limited BBC couldn't see the advantage of Retching the whole sorry lot up again but this time bringing it up to date and saving on set costs.

It can't be an accident that we had that final scene.

There was a heavy play on the future king aspects.

I wouldn't mind betting there's a plot hatching in the bowels of the old Auntie.

As for the actual content - BAD IMO. But at least they bring the various strands together.
im an american who discovered this show on netflix and I loved it...
so i followed through.
I hated the ending because it left so many holes!!

Is magic allowed now?
Does merlin and arthur create peace in Albion? I guess not, he died prematurely...
He's suppose to die at the battle of camlann, -in like 40 years from now...
This show was about when merlin was young... not the end!

So he served his destiny for 5 years and now has nothing to do but walk around aimlessly. I loved this youtube clip:

Made me feel better. Now I have closure. hehehe
Very late coming into this, but I am a major Merlin fan - and I have to say I cried like a baby at the finale. I sobbed and I sobbed and I sobbed. The final scene did catch me off-guard, I'll admit, because I definitely wasn't expecting it.

And I have to agree with what someone else said - if only the BBC's special effects team were better/had a bigger budget - so much more could have been done with the dragon and Merlin's own magic.

Overall I loved it, and I was devastated that it's over. :p

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