5.09: Merlin - With All My Heart


weaver of the unseen
Aug 21, 2007
The warlock is determined to break Morgana's twisted control over Gwen. But it will be no easy task, even for Merlin, as only the most powerful magic can save the Queen - and the high priestess will not give up her puppet without a fight.


I realised I haven't posted Merlin pictures even though he's the main character. So there you go, the man itself. Also yes, the synopsis suggest Gwen is under a spell and presenting nothing as fancy as a doppelgänger. And another note, Mordred is again in this episode. So counting down, there's only four to go.
Yeah, I agree it sounds like they're suggesting it's a spell. Which is good. Thanks, ctg. Four to go, eh!
Hmm... ok so I enjoyed it. Just a couple of niggles.

1. I thought Mordred was already aware of who Merlin was.
2. Misplaced comedy, I think. When Merlin appeared as the sorceress my mum started laughing and said she/he sounded like a camp gay man. Then she was giggling throughout the whole scene, which of course set me off too.

(Oh and 3. Not enough Perwaine. ;))
Merlin in drag was worth 4 series to wait for. Between that and vampire Santas the whole house has been entertained this evening. And love conquered all... aaahhhh. (Boke.. ;))
We found this one to be very entertaining.

Loved the beginning, with Gwen talking herself out of the castle, and us getting to think everyone in Camelot is being far to easily distracted by her even tighter, lower cut corset, to her meeting with Morgana - and getting to think how easily she gets away with stuff, only for the camera to pull back and show us Merlin and Arthur watching.

Merlin back in Emrys mode surprised me, not because he was back, bur because Colin Morgan played it so well. Normally I get the impression he is hamming it up a little for laughter value, but this time he came across as an old man, a powerful one at that.

Of course we then had the surprise that he was going to be a woman...

Liked the evil witch thing.

Like the way Merlin was not knocked out by Morgana.

Liked the way he turned the dragon away.

That Mordred revealed he still had magic, and knew about Merlin.

The fact that Mordred seems genuine about being good - make you wonder where this is going to go; the way he zapped Morgana.

And then we had camp a lot with Mrs Merlin, which was bizarre, but entertaining one way or another.

Even the true love shines through did not seem too trite, and Arthur forgetting Merlin might have been a little odd, but it did give us a good speech.

For me, best episode of the season so far, and a great lead in for the finale.
Well, one thing I have to get off my chest first and that is, tossing those sorcerer's around is becoming so old, and if they're going to keep using telekinesis, they should invent new tricks.

Now, I absolutely loved seeing Merlin doing a drag show and even acting like a proper lady. The look on his face when Gauis said, "Lady," was worth of it all. And I never imagine that he would have been able to invent this routine worth of certain West End places.

Also, I can also join the "blame Dave" club as I couldn't but help notice Gwen's tits, or should I say melons, on full display. And for a moment I thought one of them were going to jump out when she pushed herself against the table.

But not for once I thought Mordred was going to ride to rescue the trio from trouble, and him appearing there, on the rocky edge, was such a surprise. I were so pleased. The druid, who everyone hates, or at least are scared of, is such a sweetie. Bless him and his socks for being a wonder boy.

He knows Merlin is a magician and yet, he's fully willing to keep the secret as hidden as his own past. However, I'd really enjoy if at the end, he would enter in "proper" magical duel with Merlin. And I would be doubly pleased if they would actually do proper magic instead of flashing eyes and speaking of tongues.
I am sorry, we must stop blaming Dave. All I will say is it is a good thing it is near the end or the poor girl would have backpain for the rest of her life. They were seperate entities from the rest of her body and... That's all, really.
Let's say, that particular subject is closed then?

...and getting to think how easily she gets away with stuff, only for the camera to pull back and show us Merlin and Arthur watching.
That was actually something I had difficulty believing. The evidence that Gwen was acting strangely and in a detrimental way to both Camelot and Arthur had been there for some time, but getting Arthur to believe that would be something else. It seemed this week as if I missed an episode when Merlin spent weeks trying to convince Arthur and eventually got him to set this trap. It was only a few weeks ago when Merlin himself was under suspicion, so it all seemed too easy.

Liked the evil witch thing.
Except that it was another different evil witch thing of the week. How many more evil witch things are living within a days walk of the castle in the land where magic is banned?

Like the way Merlin was not knocked out by Morgana.
That would really have been an tired and overused scenario but instead having him fall off a cliff, and then Arthur follow him, and then somehow get his arm inexplicably caught under a rock, and then have Mordred come along who had just happened to bring a rope when he decided to follow them. Please!

I see now that the dragon is meant to be deformed and under developed befitting its stay in the pit.

The rest was fun.

I can't really remember the storyline about when Mordred was a boy, but isn't Merlin's dislike for him almost entirely due to his vision of the future when Mordred kills Arthur? That future may not be the one that prevails, or it may be. You can't hate someone for something they may do. If you do, you are far more like to bring that thing to pass. Anyway, this uncertainty over Mordred and his motives will certainly drive the next few episodes, and I'm glad that will become the story rather than the evil Gwen.

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