Interesting thread on Time Travel books in The Guardian

Interesting list.

Glad to see Tom's Midnight Garden, by Philippa Pearce, is in it. I loved that book.
Davies' How To Build a Time Machine is also a fun, non-fiction, read. Funny guy, as well.
Very interesting list and books that sounds appeal to me both the non-fiction and the fiction ones i havent read. Ronald Mallett story sounds almost too film like.

The idea in YA one by Pearce didnt appeal to me, i like to read fictional SF take on time travel like Wells or humor like Douglas Adams. How to Build a Time Machine sounds like fun read.
Not a single category sf book in the list. Fail.

The Time Machine by HG Wells is there.

And for what it's worth I too loved Tom's Midnight Garden - which I first read at the tender age of 50 to my kids. I was in tears at the end. A bit of work to read aloud though. Some heroically long sentences, stuffed full of subordinate clauses, in the bugger.