Cold Days


Lady of Autumn
Oct 26, 2006
Lincolnshire, UK
The next installment of the Dresden Files comes out on November 29th, and I'm looking forward to it, even if I'm not going to get to read it for a while. I've been consoling myself with the first four chapters that were released as a teaser on Jim Butcher's website.

After the events of Ghost Story, it's going to be interesting to see how Harry gets on as the Winter Knight. It'll also be interesting to see if there are any reunions with his old friends, not to mention how they'll react when they see him!
Interesting indeed. Plus there'll be the conflicts between what Mab wants him to do as Winter Knight and what he deems the right thing to do. Now he'll have two jobs to take up his time.

I won't be getting it for a while either, but I too am looking forward to it.
I just caught up on the last two books so am ready for Cold Days and looking forward to it! I read the first three chapters on his site and kept thinking: get on with the reunions! Very interested in seeing everyone's reactions to him turning up alive. I'm guessing that possibly Butters will be the only one unfazed by his re-appearance. I loved Ghost Story, thought it was one of the best so far...

I preordered for Kindle so I should be getting it as soon as it comes out.
Just finished it! Very nice; lots of plot lines that were left hanging in past books brought in, some neat twists, promise of even darker things to come... Classic Dresden Files, really. Jim Butcher delivers the goods.
Wow. I think Cold Days has to be my favourite DF files book yet. Just finished it, and thoroughly enjoyed it, nor did I expect the outsome of the Maeve/Mab situation.

And I especially liked Harry's Tao of Pratchett.:D

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