Wheel of Time stops turning in 2 months


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Mar 25, 2011
Are you excited?
Are you 'meh'?
Are you wondering what the hell is the Wheel of Time?

This is all assuming Brandon Sanderson doesn't pull another delay out of his hat like the last few times.

First read Eye of the Moon in 2004 so I im in the middle from the early birds to the recenters. Read it through then and again about 4 years later, I think I got upto book 10/11?.

Looking forward to some closure, I just hope its not too happy an ending, Rand has to die at the very least.

Your thoughts?.
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I was one of those unfortunates who discovered this series in the early 90's so yeh it is nice to finally see an end to this long winding series.

Credit to Sanderson though, he certainly helped to pick up the plot in his recent contributions albeit they are based on mega detailed notes Jordan made sure he left behind..and of course his (Jordan's) wife Harriet's pivotal role should not be forgotten throughout this entire venture.

Rand is probably still my favourite character so I would prefer to see him hang on. Give him life I say! ...;)

May consider moving this to the Jordan subforum? see how it progresses...:)

I am looking forward to it coming to an end.

I have been reading since the very beginning and will be nice to see some closure. There have been other series that have never been brought to a conclusion so in this instance it will nice for that to happen.

I guess I feel that the saddest thing is that Jordan is not there to do it himself. That being said that I understand a number of chapters, including the last were actually written by him in advance and that Sanderson and the editors have done their best to leave them intact, so it will be nice for there to be that connection.

Should it end with Rand dying? Not so sure I would like to see him survive, although he might have to 'die' in one form or another. And much as I like some of the characters, I don't think it would be good for all of them to live and carry on happy ever after.

Let's see a bit of tragedy at the end.
The thing is, if Rand lives he would have to settle down with his 3 wives... probably in Caemelyn which ultimately would be extremely awkward for everyone involved.

Unlikely but good potential events in the end :-

LTT usurps Rand's body and mind completely and goes oldskool on the Forsaken and the Dark One with everyone dying in a big free for all.

The Dark One is the Creator, imprisoned by the first generation of his original children whose power began to threaten his own. The splitting of the One Power and True power from one source into two is the reason both have never been as strong as they were aeons ago.

One of the other Forsaken finally catches on TDO and Ishamael ultimately intend to destroy the world and them with it and manages to circumvent the oath to betray him at a critical point if only to save their own skin. Evil betraying evil?, no way - I vote Demandred for this.
I picked up this series the first week it came out. I loved it and bought 2 hardcover 1sts. I remember getting into chat rooms with college professors discussing the series around books 3 and 4. It sure has turned out a lot different than anyone expected back then.
I'll finish the series but I wish it had gone 5, or at the most 7, books and kept the fast pace of the first book. If it had I would have considered it one of the great all time series, now I can't really recommend it to anyone as it lost it's way.
So Meh
It's nearly 20 years since I first started WOT. I thought I'd be dead before it was finished, so looking forward to the last one. I've not read any since book 7 and have started all over again. I must admit I'm growing increasingly tired of series that just go on and on, (you know who I mean David Weber). If it's a trilogy I now wait until all are published before buying. That probably means I'm missing some good stuff, but there's so much out there and so little time.
I'm looking foward to seeing the last book released, as it feels like I've spent a lot of time reading it over the years and I'm interested to see how it finishes. It'll be good to see if some of the theories that have sprung up will come true, too. As long as the ending fits the story and gives a decent amount of closure, then I'll be happy.

I probably won't reread it for quite a while after, though. I didn't want to get into too many other long-running series until the WoT had finished, so I'll be looking up the authors I might have missed in the meantime.
I'm only at Book 11, myself, but I'm really going to miss it once it's done. The series came to sport the pace of a geriatric snail, yes, but I found myself enjoying the insights into the characters' minds as much as I did the many, many nuances and subplots.
But I'm going to go ahead and assume that just as many of the unsolved plot-points (the dozens of them) aren't done and dusted by the time Book 13 ends?...