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Apr 6, 2007
Phoenix. Or is this Tatooine?
So, like nine days ago I did a search for B&C and came up with the same links I always do, latest one being from about eight months ago with no new news. Then BAM! On my facebook page someone posts a link for this web episode called Blood and Chrome, not one but TWO short webisodes. I'm shocked! How did they keep it such a secret? Well, I enjoyed it very much, it is very heavy on cgi but it did not bother me any. There was not a lot of character development but they were all fairly likable I guess. Hey, any new BSG is good BSG, right? Apparently they will trickle out two 10 minute episodes every Friday and the Sci-fi channel will show it in its entirety this February with an uncut dvd release around the same time. About frakin' time!
Have to agree, I loved this. B&C really does look promising - capturing the best of BSG in terms of characterisation (ie full-blooded from the beginning and eschewing painful stereotyping so soon). In just 20 mins they've introduced two strong characters that are both appealing and more than just your usual two-dimensional fluff pretty-boys. And the effects are top draw.

Hopefully this will become more than just a few webisodes though the noises coming out of SyFy channel aren't promising (it could turn out to be another Caprica :( )
I watched a couple of episodes, but then decided to wait until Feb for when they release all 10 episodes as a movie. But what I saw was amazing.
That link looks really really interesting. :)

IS this a series, or just a few episodes? Either way, will need to watch out for this big time - looks very nicely done. :)
It's a movie, Brian. They just split it up into short episodes for youtube but next month Blood and Chrome will be released as a 2hr long movie

They had originally wanted to make it into a proper series, but after the failure of Caprica, Syfy decided not to and instead made it into a movie. Which is stupid, because Blood & Chrome is nicely done and deserves more air time than it got.
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I watched the episodes last night. For those wanting lots of action, I am sure you won't be disappointed.

One thing I found lacking in this (although a pilot cannot really get this across so quickly) was the sense of mythology; the All this has happened before-ness.

However, I was absolutely delighted to see the canon of Caprica weaving its way into this show. I appreciate why Caprica failed, and that it is hard to market something that doesn't quite sit in a defined category, but I thought it was exceptional.

I'm so happy to have BSG back!

I wish they had done this as a prequel series instead of Caprica.
It was very enjoyable. I must confess that I do like a spaceship in my SF. :)
I enjoyed Blood And Chrome, especially the hardware and seeing the old-style Raptors - and two-tier loading bays on the ships!But I never understood why they recast Adama from Razor. That guy was a spit for Edward James Olmos and this pretty boy is a joke.

Blood and Chrome was only going to be a web series which is a shame, however, I don't think it would have really added anything to the BSG universe beyond being maybe a miniseries. It certainly didn't have the legs to carry 5 seasons like BSG and may have become entrenched in awkward territory in the way the SW prequels spoiled things such as the Vader/father reveal in ESB. To wit: certainly if you watched The Plan before finishing the BSG series you'd be spoiled in terms of the Final Five identities. Furthermore, how many ill-advised macgubbins like a cylon-snake would we have had if this had progressed to a full series. :rolleyes:

IMO Caprica does far more than Blood and Chrome could do; original, exciting, tragedy and hubris with character-driven plots that make the events of BSG seem so much more inevitable.

The BSG franchise has always been about characters. Blood and Chrome wasn't about characters, it was about a poster boy - can you honestly reconcile the Adama in Blood and Chrome with the Admiral he becomes?

Watched this last night and found it a bit "meh".

If you removed the words "Cylon" and "Battlestar Galactica" from the script there would nothing more than an average cheesy film. Too much bad writing, weak characters, predictable plot, and a general sense of pointlessness to the story.

The special effects too often looked cheap and badly animated, with strange colour brightening and lens flares used as if to try and hide this fact.

Ultimately, I was left wondering what on earth the connection was between Blood and Chrome with the Battlestar Galactica series.

There were some good moments and visuals - the wreck of the Archeron, for example, and the general undercurrent of deceptive propaganda.

But by the time we got to 'attack of the giant snake' in the freezing snow we laughed out loud and finally gave up. By the end, we were hoping someone would shoot Adama because he was still so annoying, with no redeeming features, whose presence in the film appeared completely superfluous.

The attempt at a 'romance' subplot was nothing but an annoying cliche.

Personally, wouldn't recommend any BSG fans to go near Blood and Chrome - there's no real connection to the BSG series, either in terms of story, character development, writing, or production values.

There is worse out there - but the BSG series set the bar much higher than this.

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