The 2013 Jim Baen Memorial Writing Contest

I'm thinking robots losing the plot by being over helpful, when does a machine focus on cross the line. A tough one to make work but I'm getting ideas...
Thank you for the heads up, Stephen.

As a would-be writer, Sci-Fi petrifies me (D, in GCSE physics, here) but funnily enough the idea I was planning on using for the 75 worder was too involved so I put it aside. It may work for this, however.

When I read (good) sci-fi I marvel at the knowledge and intellectual concepts that the author is exploring. I've always said 'never' but one thing I have learned from the 300 and 75 worders here is that getting out of your comfort zone is a must for developing your craft.

Even if it doesn't, I'm going to give it a try.

I've actually got the site bookmarked, as it's an annual thing, I believe, but thanks for the reminder, Stephen. I'd forgotten about it and this gives any of us plenty of time to get something together.

Plus, it's Baen books.

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