Jack Vance's Planet of Adventure


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May 24, 2008
Has anyone else ever read this? I ran across an old copy of The Dirdir just recently and remember reading, The Pnume, years ago. I just ordered the full thing from Amazon

I remember Pnume had probably the strangest style of writing I had ever read, and it made me a fan of Vance's forever. I have read in Piers Anthony's autobiography that when others referred to Vance's style as "wooden" Keith Laumer's response was, "not wooden, carved", and I think that is about as perfect a description as you can get.

Does anyone else have any other thoughts on this series?
Excellent series. I read it last winter. Jack Vance is a master and his prose is airtight. The Phung might be the coolest huminoid species I've ever seen depicted in books (despite them being in only a couple scenes).
Read them in February and if the freakin' links worked, I'd link you to the February reading thread where several of us discussed them. It was a very bumpy ride for me but I persevered and, overall, I liked it and recommend it. I most liked all but the early part of #1 and all but the end of #3 and all of #4.

Well, I can link to the thread - February's Fabulous Feast Of Fully Formidable Fiction and the discussion begins on post #132. With my configuration, that's page 5 - with yours, likely not.
Fantastic series but you must read them in Order. The Dirdir is my current fav Jack Vance novel. Vance style and coolest,weirdest alien species i have read about.

By the way the elegent man in my avatar is Vance in his middle ages ;)
You simply can't go wrong with Jack Vance, except perhaps his most recent stuff. He's unique.

He turned 96 years old two days ago, bless his genetics.

I feel great knowing i can read his books while he is still around and gets his fan letters. The only author i have ever sent a message to,through his son.

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