Looking for a particular type of story

Jul 6, 2012
Hi, I read comics and I'm very interested in cosmic embodiments/entities and their discovery/relationships on the human world etc.

Ive read most of the comic stuff which I think deals with that: Eternals, Sandman, Promethea, and I'm interested in characters like Eternity/Galactus but Marvel storylines don't really explore that side of the entity.

I was wondering if anyone could give me any book suggestions to something along those lines?

I know I mentioned Promethea/Sandman but I would prefer it to be more cosmic/spacey

I'm new to sci-fi books and at the moment I've just started the Lensman saga but so far it seems to be more like humans in space ships (which isn't a bad thing, but as you can tell, not what I'm looking for)

Suggestions are very welcome!


I no longer go wrinkly
May 18, 2009
Try Gilgamesh the King by Robert Silverberg -- it would make a great graphic novel.

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