Lord Marshal & The Closed Council: Inconsistency

Jan 1, 2012
In the first law, the two Lord Marshals are part of the closed council: Marshal Varuz is at the meetings of of the council and Lord Marshal West is expected to join when he comes back from the war.

In the Heroes however, Lord Marshal Kroy seems not to be a part of the close council: As Bayaz puts is Marshal Kroy is 'a master mason', whereas the members of the council are 'the architects, occupied with the politics and general direction of the war, not with the placing of every stone.'. What do you guys make of this inconsistency?
I can't remember that explicit difference, but it might simply mean that Kroy can't be bothered with the political conniving of the council and is happy to just execute the plans the council decides.

Plus, there's quite a long time between the trilogy and The Heroes, so it's possible they might have slightly amended the council.

Relatively minor continuity errors/grey areas don't really bother me, to be honest.