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Lochaber Axeman, QC
Feb 9, 2008
Well, a nice big map of Athera is making its way to my door, courtesy of the new Maitz and Wurts Studio Shop found here:


Most, if not all, of Janny Wurts' and Don Maitz' (he is her husband/life partner, for those of you who do not know. He did the covers on the Empire series, I believe) artwork is available in reproduction prints. My first item was the Map of Athera on parchment (a little more antique than the straight b&w, imo), large size.

I am eying up a print of Exile's Return, though. That has always been one of my favourites. I have always found it interesting to read an author who, because she is also an artist, has been able to give us her mind's eye. We get to see what she thinks her characters and her world look like.
I received my map of Athera (quite some time ago, actually, but I forgot to post), and DAMN, is it nice. I am definitely taking it to the framing shop to have it done properly.
Janny now has a nice selection of bookmarks up on the Web Store, as well as eBook versions of her three WoLaS short stories and all those nice prints we can buy.

I was trying to get Janny interested in producing a bit more WoLaS merchandise, but have not had much luck yet. A WoLaS calendar would have looked real nice in my bookroom along with my prints. But since the previous Myth & Magic one never did so good calendars are out it seems, unless the fans can convince Harper Collins to do one.

A WoLaS cup is next on my wish list, with Arithon on it, no harm in trying. :)
Janny is a great artists, I like her book covers, I think she painted her own book covers for publication. Not many authors get the chance to even have a say in their covers let alone paint your own.

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