Hmm, we're in need of an update here, I see.

Since I haven't seen Clanny or Aussie lately, I'll pass on that Janny's started the book's 10th set. Probably won't see it this year, but stranger things have happened...
Dek! You live! :D

Re worth the wait, I agree. Of course, I'll have to read Stormed Fortress AND Initiate's Trial all over again to figure out where we left off! This is not necessarily a bad thing, either...
I'm right near the end of Peril's Gate, so re-read well underway.

BTW, hello everybody.
Latest update; nearly done with the writing. Editing? Time to market? Sadly, no clue yet...
Wasn't me, and that snippet of a different feather...

*ducks, then exits stage left*
So I wonder what Tarens is planning on shooting when he gets that crossbow loaded?

What, or whom? Now just WHO is Tarens again? ;)

(kidding, of course, but this one's gonna need a re-read for sure!)
Janny it seems might be rewriting that bit, maybe the tension was not tight enough. Will continue over in the speculation thread.
Well, Janny just posted on her site that she is juggling a lot of simultaneous threads that are spawned by "ONE EVENT", and that her effort right now is to get the order just right to keep the tension up. She will have either 12 or 13 chapter sets (each set is 3 chapters (long, medium, short) and a triplet at the end), so the end of the first draft is very, very near.

She also said that for the last book, Song of the Mysteries, "WE HAVE NO IDEA".
Janny is currently starting Chapter 12, we might still get 13 chapters.
Destiny's Conflict will have 13 chapters, and Janny is on the last subchapter of 12 set. She knows what she wants to do with the last chapter, so Janny might have the first draft done by Christmas, we will have to wait and see.

The lurkers had best start decloaking soon, to entice Janny to give us a celebratory sneak peak.
Janny is just going through and touching up 13 main, then on to the first subchapter. She has said once she finishes the first draft, she will see what can be found for a sneak peek.
Guaranteed not to be substantive, yet almost certain to make us pluck out our remaining hair over implied plot twists. :rolleyes: :D

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