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Thicker than water
Mar 14, 2007
Not that I want to increase my competition, but here's an awesome opportunity for all you sprightly aspiring YA authors out there:

It's easy - if you're between 18 and 25 (anywhere in the world) submit a 4000-word excerpt and plot summary by May 31, and then have a full manuscript ready by October in case you get shortlisted. I've never written for YA before (though I've considered it), but I thought I may as well enter, and let me tell ya, it's one of the funnest, most satisfying things I've worked on.

P.S. Sorry to the mods if this is in the wrong forum - I wasn't sure if it should go in General or in Resources.
I was so excited about this until I saw it was YA :( replace that with 'epic science fantasy' and it would be much better!
It's probably more that those are the As who can actually remember being Y :p


I can remember being Y. The sun always shone, and little ferrets played hopscotch among the daisies. Bluebirds flew in and out of the windows of our hut and, if we were very lucky (and hadn't been eaten by the Wicked Old Witch) they'd jump up and down on the keys of the piano, and we'd all have a jolly sing along.

See? How much can Youth have changed?
I think there may be substance to both cases (but particularly Hex's...).
You know you're getting on when fairy tales are true accounts of your childhood!
'Getting on'?! You be careful, young man. In my day we were taught to have respect for the elderly :p
Haha. Beg pardon m'lady, my manners were addled by your stately presence. *doffs cap*
* Notices the comma splice that digs has included to gain extra favour from "m'lady". *
Yet you never notice when I employ my famous full stop splice. Do you!?

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