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Hauntings: Ghost stories to chill the spine...

Ian Whates

Author and Editor
Sep 8, 2006
A caress when there's no one there to touch you... that sense of being watched by someone or something just beyond your perception... Hauntings; a collection of all new ghost stories coming soon from NewCon Press.

Cover art by Ben Baldwin

Features original stories by:

Tanith Lee
Robert Shearman
Adrian Tchaikovsky
Liz Williams
Alison Littlewood
Sarah Singleton
Paul Kane
Marie O'Regan
Amanda Hemingway (aka Jan Siegel)
Kim Lakin-Smith
Mark West
Ian Whates :eek:
and more...

Fried Egg

Well-Known Member
Nov 20, 2006
This sounds very interesting Ian.

I didn't know you wrote ghost stories?

Ian Whates

Author and Editor
Sep 8, 2006
FE, I actually adlibbed my story in front of a live audience and cameras, in an attempt to give it a more immediate feel. (I did have a basic idea in advance and a few cribnotes researched that morning.) When it came to actually writing the piece, I had to do so listening to a recording of the performance.

If you have a spare 11 minutes...

Ian Whates

Author and Editor
Sep 8, 2006
I can now reveal the full ToC and cover of the book, which will be launched at Forbidden Planet in London on Saturday June 30th. :)

  • Intro – Adele Wearing
  • Don’t Listen – Ian Whates
  • The Cradle in the Corner – Marie O’Regan
  • On the Grey Road – Alison Littlewood
  • Not a Cat Person – Adrian Tchaikovsky
  • Fog on the Old Coast Road – Mark West
  • Dark Peak – Kim Lakin-Smith
  • The Things I See – Theresa Derwin
  • Presence – Paul Kane
  • Starcross – Liz Williams
  • Forward and Back, Change Places – Marion Pitman
  • Long Dene Mill – Sarah Singleton
  • The White Otter – Amanda Hemingway
  • The Ghost (In Two Letters) – Tanith Lee
  • The Scariest Place in the World – Mark Morris
  • Simon Harries – Robert Shearman
  • About the Authors