Nick Harkaway - Angelmaker


Altered Carbon
Jul 21, 2005
Prope Tripontium
I'd never heard of Nick Harkaway when I read the review of Angelmaker on the Guardian's website (link), but I was intrigued enough to fork out for a copy (Kindle).

And boy, was it worth it! It's shot straight to my book-of-the-year spot, and I wouldn't be surprised if it's still there in December.

It's a madcap race to save the world, and features octogenarian secret agents, mechanical bees, various super villains and serial killers, and a protagonist with the unlikely name of Joe Spork - and it carries them all off with a verve and panache that I've seldom come across. It almost defies description - or at least, it exceeds my powers of synopsis!

I won't whitter on about it - read the review I linked to if you want a more rounded preview - but I can't recommend it enough.

Anyone else read it?

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