A new theory (I think) about Coldhands (Spoilers up thru ADWD)

Definitely would have been awesome. Probably would have had some issues getting Sean Bean back on the cast for that bit part though.

They got Kahl Drogo back for a bit part, but Jason Momoa is no Sean Bean.

It would be cool to see that in the show though, even if they just replay the original scene with that misty "This is a vision" lense that some shows use. You know the one that makes things look a bit bluish? That way they keep up continuity and don't need to bring Sean back for anything.

Personaly I hope Bran's Time Tinkering is kept to a minimum. I don't want to find out that Bran is the reason that everything is happening because he was whispering to his parents and siblings through time.
Hey new posted, so don't be too rough on me.

I've recently been trawling my way through the GoT and the whole Bran/Children of the Forrest story line has really interested me.

So I've been doing a bit of research on Coldhands, and I came up to a few interesting lines..

As a preface, I personally believe that he must be a member of the nights watch as most people seem to share.

"They killed him long ago" makes me believe that Coldhands cannot be Benjen Stark, as the Children of the Forrest live for so long, "a long time ago" must be longer than the two years ago when Benjen went missing/died.

I think it was Brandon Stark the thirteenth Commander of the Nights Watch.

Now when I did some reading into Old Nans tales, , the thirteenth commander of the nights watch who was erased from history because of his relationship with a woman who is described to be essentially one of the Others "her skin was as cold as ice". She also alludes to the fact that he was a Stark and shared the same name as Bran.

That would one solve the problem of Coldhands becoming a wight (due to his relationship with one of the others) as well as coldhands being dead for some time, as this was during the age of heroes.

But also when Coldhands responds to Bran's question about his history, he replied with "Your monster, Brandon Stark".

Now what happens when instead stating that he the monster of the living Brandon Stark, he is instead stating the name of the living Brandon Stark's monster is Brandon Stark?

So what I'm getting at is that because the thirteenth commander of the Nights Watch is probably called Brandon Stark, and that the current character is called Brandon Stark, the meanings of this sentence could easily be confused.

This could also explain why he could not travel under the wall, but had knowledge of the black gate. He was cursed and effectively an oath breaker in terms of the Nights Watch

Couple of thoughts to go along with your theory. Bran sees a vision of a man getting his throat cut in front of a Weirwood. What if that was Brandon Stark (the Night King) killing his brother, the Lord of Winterfell? We already know the old gods frown on oath breakers/ kinslayers and violators of guest rights. If the Night King killed his brother and took his identity (twins maybe), then his punishment at death could easily have been to wander as a wight till he could make up for his sins in life.

He would have killed his brother and broken his NW vows.

IF he did give up his frozen wife to continue the Stark line, it would mean his descendants could also have carried a form of that curse. the Starks have generally been described as "honourable, hard and cold-blooded.....unless they have the wolfs blood in them".

Almost sounds like they are being forced to bear punishment for someone who was dishonourable and hot-blooded...

Fully agree with the idea that Coldhands is not Benjen, but instead the 13th LC of the NW.
I don't think Benjen is Coldhands either but my jury is still out on whether he's the Nights King. I'd like it if he was, it would mean that he still has a very important part to play in the final battle, but I just don't know.

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