Joe Abercrombie's Movie Thread!


ze Spaniard!
Apr 13, 2009
"And it was in that moment that their hearts withi
Which actors do you think would best play his amazing characters?

Nicomo Cosca - Gary Oldman. Not long ago I saw the episode of Friends that he is in as a drunken actor. In my opinion he would be a great Cosca, give him a waxed moustache and a neck rash. Perfect.

Rudd Threetrees - James Cosmo. Who can't see that, eh?

Black Dow - Viggo Mortensen. It's just the way I've been seeing him for years.

Sand dan Glokta - Jason Flemyng.

Post if you've got your own ideas!
Although Johnny Depp could play Cosca, I wouldn't like it: It would completely break immersion. I could actionally imagine Viggo Mortensen playing Cosca, though.

I don't really know this Jason Flemyng, can he play an arsewhole? Google-images only show laughing pictures of him, but he could function as black dow.

Oh, and how about this: Walking-talking spoiler Sean Bean as Collem West?

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