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Mar 5, 2012
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I realize there is already a thread about 'Looking for Jake' to discuss the stories within the collected work itself, but this question is regarding the story itself.

While I loved almost all of the stories within the collection (except for 'On the Way to the Front' perhaps), the title story struck a particular chord with me. It is such an incredibly lonely story with the most bizarre dream-like atmosphere to it, and by it's conclusion it's so fulfilling its irresolution...if that makes sense, as a lack of a clear resolution can often be quite irritating if not done correctly.

Anyway, what I'm asking is if anyone knows of another author or work (not Mieville, as I'm already working my way through all of his books) that captures that atmosphere and loneliness that's present in Looking For Jake? In a way it reminds me of the atmosphere in some Japanese films (particularly 'Kairo' and 'Marebito' in various ways) but I'm sure there are other works out there in the same vein.

Thanks for the help in advance!


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Aug 8, 2013
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Glad you put this thread here - that story really hit me right in the feels. Not sure why. Just the feeling of loss, of complete breakdown, the hopelessness of it, but at the same time the beautifully stark way in which Mieville tells the story.

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