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TIEBREAKER POLL -- February 75 Word Writing Challenge -- READ FIRST POST!!!

Discussion in 'Writing Challenges' started by Culhwch, Feb 29, 2012.


FEBRUARY TIEBREAKER - Vote for your favourite

  1. THE DEAD CAN WEEP -- Teresa Edgerton

  2. THE RAILROAD MAN -- Bob S. Sr

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    Culhwch Lost Boy Staff Member

    Feb 4, 2005
    Brisbane, Australia
    For the first time in quite some time, we have a tie-break situation in the seventy-five word challenge. Congratulations to both Teresa and Bob for getting this far. Now they enter... the Thunderdome! Or perhaps not. The Chronderdome?

    The stories:

    by Teresa Edgerton​

    In the ruins of New York, the dead walked, ghosts haunting ghosts. The wind wailed along the streets of broken buildings. The ghosts spoke in whispers.

    Two met amidst the twisted girders.

    “I loved you forty years,” he said, “but never dared to speak.”

    “And I loved you.”

    A heart that doesn’t beat can still be broken. “A lifetime wasted!”

    The dead speak; they cannot touch. She smiled behind her tears. “Now we have eternity.”


    by Bob S. Sr​

    "Me and paw was kicked back, catfishin' down by the river".
    "Most devoted family man I ever seen, he and his missus fed 'leven kids, he never missed a day at the switchyard." Paw was talkin, about the dark figure with the lunch pail, crossin' the trestle.
    "Kin I ask him if he has kids my age?" I begged.
    "Wouldn't pay", paw said, "that man was kilt by a train more'n fifty years ago".


    The usual rules apply:​

    Any member of the Chrons can cast a vote

    Each member may cast one vote only

    You may not vote for yourself

    The winner of the poll will choose the theme for March

    The poll will close at 11:59pm GMT on the 1st of March 2012

    Please note -- this is an open poll. Everyone will be able to see which story you voted for.

    This thread is to be used for voting only. Please keep comments on the stories for the Discussion thread. Any comments posted here will be removed.
    Teresa Edgerton

    Teresa Edgerton Goblin Princess Staff Member

    Nov 1, 2004
    Well, um, since it looks like there is no one else around to announce it ... Teresa wins.
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