Paranormal/supernatural recommendations


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Jun 10, 2022
Yeah Steven King writes like 300k epics. They all tend to be over 1000 pages. I think his latest is about 1400 pages! :eek:

Don't know anything about Glen Duncan but was just thinking, there is always the Supernatural TV show tie-in novels. I've never been a big fan of books written as commercial "fan fiction" of TV shows, but they might be alright. I've never read them though.

But saying that, they might be heading a bit too much back into urban fantasy territory, but at least they are not romance or chick lit, and they don't butcher the lore like Twilight did. When it comes to Supernatural, everything is dark and gritty, great show, hopefully the books are just as good.

Just thought I would mention the books because when I read that critique you posted up, the characters instantly reminded me of Dean and Sam from Supernatural.
Meanwhile im flat out writing a novella. Crazy the creative juices some authors have eh

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