Dickens Reading List for 2012


Mar 21, 2005
Hello all,

After some thoguht I have decided that it is unrealistic to try and read the majority of Dickens' novels in 2012. To this end, following is a revised reading list, which I shall follow for this year.

The aim is to provide a minimum 1 month 'discussion window' with the list provided NOW, as this will hopefully give more members enough time to source a particular book and read it.

I have tried to focus on some of his better known works with 1 or possibly 2 of his less well known works in addition to providing a variety of 'forms' ranging from novellas to novels to short stories to travelogues.

The list is arranged in Chronological order as a way of representing the development of Dickens' writing from his earlier generally more humorous and exuberant works to the later, more 'sophisticated' and clearly darker writings.

Of course if someone feels particularly strongly about a book that has been omitted there is nothing stopping you from starting a thread on this but my focus will obviously be on the suggested reading list for 2012.

I'm sorry that we probably won't be able to cover more of Dickens' books in 2012 but I do think this a more realistic and therefore attainable goal that what was originally envisaged.

I look forward to your input over the course of this year.

1. Sketches By Boz (end of February).

2. Pickwick Papers (March).

3. Barnaby Rudge
(end of May) OR Oliver Twist *I'll be posting on Barnaby but also adding to any Oliver discussion that takes place.

4. American Notes (June) *probably the best known of his travelogues.

5. A Christmas Carol
(July) *more a novella, so if you wish you can also discuss his other Christmas books here as well.

6. Bleak House (end of September).

7. Tale of Two Cities (October).

8. Great Expectations (November).

9. Selected Shorter Fiction (December) *I have a penguin black classic edn. including amongst other works his famous 'The Signalman' BUT I know his stories are also available online.



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