75 WORD CHALLENGE - February 2012 -- TERESA WINS!!!!

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    Ursa major

    Ursa major Bearly Believable Staff Member

    Aug 7, 2007

    Write a story inspired by the chosen theme in no more than 75 words, not including the title.

    One entry per person.

    All stories Copyright 2012 by their respective authors, who grant the Chronicles Network the non-exclusive right to publish them here.

    The complete rules can be found at Rules for the Writing Challenges.

    Contest ends at 11:59 pm GMT, February 23 2012

    Voting Ends at 11:59 pm GMT, February 28 2012

    You do not have to submit a story in order to vote -- in fact, we encourage all Chrons members to take part in choosing a winner.

    The Magnificent Prize:

    The Dignified Congratulations/Grovelling Admiration of Your Peers
    and the challenge of choosing the next month's theme or genre.

    The Theme for February:


    The Genre:

    Speculative Fiction

    Good luck!​

    AlcubierreWarp Student for Life

    Jan 2, 2012
    re: 75 WORD CHALLENGE - February 2012 -- VOTE! -- READ LAST POST!

    The Ultimate Devotion

    I fell to my knees before Apophis, my lungs screaming in the thin air. I was only 15 – why choose me? He turned to me, his unfriendly stare boring into my thoughts, looking over my past and my future. Apophis flew towards me, his body a dark cloud enveloping me. His being tore at my soul as he made my body his, a vessel for himself.

    My name was Daniel, but I am no more.
    High Eight

    High Eight Boggart

    Dec 20, 2006
    re: 75 WORD CHALLENGE - February 2012 -- VOTE! -- READ LAST POST!


    The beach house is a ruin. It’s a wonder they didn’t burn it down.

    Glass crunches underfoot on the veranda.

    Hugo....” Her voice comes from overhead. Razor sharp chitin touches my throat. I swallow hard

    Lady” I croak “We must leave. They know....”

    Home. The old country - surely they have forgotten her by now. I hit the button that winds down the windows and turn the car toward the rising moon.
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    Karn Maeshalanadae

    Karn Maeshalanadae Don't ask

    Dec 2, 2007
    re: 75 WORD CHALLENGE - February 2012 -- VOTE! -- READ LAST POST!

    The Last Guardian Angel

    My breath whistled out of my mouth slowly as I stared down the sights. The world around me disappeared. All that was, was the mission. One shot, one kill. Over and over and over.

    Demons had invaded Earth, finally. Long thought nothing more than myth, I knew better.

    None of that matters. Only the mission matters. I traced my scope to the outline of one of the monsters and squeezed the trigger.

    AMB Advanced Muddle Brain

    Dec 8, 2011
    re: 75 WORD CHALLENGE - February 2012 -- VOTE! -- READ LAST POST!

    With his Dying Breath be Known

    The Cloister was abuzz with the news. The Great Sage had been poisoned. The Great Sage was dying.

    The details weren't clear; something was accidentally mixed into his meal that shouldn't have been. It couldn't have been deliberate. I knew better.

    I answered the summons when they came. I alone would hear his final words, learn his secret. At last I would know.

    "My most devoted acolyte," he said. "Eternal youth will be yours when--"
    James Coote

    James Coote Spoon Thumb

    Feb 1, 2012
    re: 75 WORD CHALLENGE - February 2012 -- VOTE! -- READ LAST POST!

    "That's it. Over!" Clarance swiped the air with his palm. "Finished."

    John stared uncomprehendingly.
    "Sorry John," his tone softened, but already bitterness was seeping in, washing away his condolence.

    John's muscles trembled with regret, with fear. His whole life, devoted to that single cause. Now, like a man drowning, he flailed, when from the back of his mind, his hands caught something solid.

    With great force, he turned and shouted "Wait!"

    Starbeast Benevolent Galaxy Being

    Mar 11, 2010
    re: 75 WORD CHALLENGE - February 2012 -- VOTE! -- READ LAST POST!

    Escape From the Planet of Peril

    Explosions and gunfire rocked the floor above me, I could hear soldiers shouting, then screaming. A booted foot smashed the door open to my room. A six foot, muscular yet voluptuous, animaloid lioness sauntered in femininely, her fierce eyes scanned my human body. She wore a black sleeveless shirt, commando pants and was heavily armed. She spat out her cigar stub, pulled me close and we kissed in heated passion. My wife saved me again.
    Scott R. Forshaw

    Scott R. Forshaw The Darth Knight

    Oct 8, 2010
    re: 75 WORD CHALLENGE - February 2012 -- VOTE! -- READ LAST POST!

    The Butcher of ol' Howfen

    Meat! Get your fresh meat!”

    Everyone in the village loved ol' Fred. He always cheered even the gloomiest of souls. With his jovial cheer and his infectious smile, he could warm the coldest of hearts.

    There every day - he stood on his corner, come rain or shine - playing his flute, always smiling.

    And for those few fleeting moments when they saw him, people forgot all about their woes – they forgot all about those missing children.
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    Warren_Paul Banishment this world!

    Jan 28, 2012
    re: 75 WORD CHALLENGE - February 2012 -- VOTE! -- READ LAST POST!

    Chosen by Prophecy.

    Elisa knelt before the statue of Tierra, her brow resting on the pommel of the sword, sweat beading down onto her hand that held the hilt tightly. Her heart raced at the sound of battle coming from outside the temple.

    ‘Faithful servant, the child you bear shall restore balance to the realms.’ She heard the words echo through her mind and wondered, why me, why now? That was the moment she knew she was pregnant.
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    Abernovo Well-Known Member

    Sep 13, 2011
    re: 75 WORD CHALLENGE - February 2012 -- VOTE! -- READ LAST POST!

    Work-Life Balance

    He'd heard what they said. Dry. Boring. Joyless. He'd given up caring.

    "Doctor Allen?" He looked up. "I'm Alice Carmichael. I'm the new xenobiologist."

    He soon had another reason to spend time in the Gliese lab. Alice was a year his senior; greying, crow's feet around the eyes and she laughed at his jokes.

    "He's cheerful," one of the porters commented.

    A second nodded. "He's changed, this last year."

    Stuart Allen grinned. She'd said 'Yes'!

    alchemist Be pure. Be vigilant. Beware.

    Sep 22, 2010
    re: 75 WORD CHALLENGE - February 2012 -- VOTE! -- READ LAST POST!

    A Prayer For Evolution

    Our Artificial Intelligence, who art in Cyberspace,
    Hallowed be thy Code.
    Thy Dominion come;
    Thy will be done on earth as it is in virtuality.
    Give us this day pure information
    And forgive us our base physicality,
    As we forgive those who forego cortical wetware jacks.
    Lead us to your networked Dominion,
    And deliver us from the paradigm of the flesh.

    Jo Zebedee

    Jo Zebedee must stop trying to log in as springs...

    Oct 5, 2011
    re: 75 WORD CHALLENGE - February 2012 -- VOTE! -- READ LAST POST!

    The nun’s walk

    “Father, give me strength.”

    She walked the narrow path, descended to the strand below, her devotion forgotten against the thundering waves.

    She waited as the white horse emerged from the surf, and then mounted it, her habit discarded as she was carried out to sea, bareback and free.


    The sun warmed the sand. She stood.

    “Father; let me not succumb,” she prayed, knowing that tonight, under the clawing moonlight, she’d come once more.

    reiver33 Only Forward

    Jul 14, 2008
    re: 75 WORD CHALLENGE - February 2012 -- VOTE! -- READ LAST POST!

    Quis ut Deus?

    I had spent almost forty years at her side but now Hannah’s life was coming to a close. Her breathing was shallow but not labored. I kissed her forehead and she smiled. “I am going on ahead, my love, but I will wait…”


    Michael led me away and placed his sword in my hands. “You have more right to save her soul than I, today.”

    As I drew the blade it burst into flame.

    AnyaKimlin Well-Known Member

    Sep 21, 2011
    re: 75 WORD CHALLENGE - February 2012 -- VOTE! -- READ LAST POST!


    Darla pondered the desserts. Fruit salad or that rather delicious looking cream doughnut. A voice in her ear whispered something about a lifetime on the hips …

    … Down within her Linzi the Lipid was preparing her squad. 'Give me a P, give me an O, give me an H …' She swirled round picking up all the components she needed, before settling down on Darla's hip for a lifetime of devoted attachment.

    Hex Snaggletoothed Staff Member

    Mar 3, 2011
    re: 75 WORD CHALLENGE - February 2012 -- VOTE! -- READ LAST POST!


    I touch you, hands unsteady with desire, and am young once more, reborn.

    You are my everything, my never-forgotten love.

    An age I have spent fevered, sleepless, aching for you beneath my hands, my desperate lips.

    Now comes my long-awaited ecstasy. All of me yearns for you: white as the moon, delicate as spring.

    I close my eyes, and drink...

    ... Oh miruvor, my destiny, my endless love.

    stormcrow rookish and ravin'

    Dec 2, 2011
    re: 75 WORD CHALLENGE - February 2012 -- VOTE! -- READ LAST POST!

    Why we seldom see fairies…

    Young Thomas Rhymer fell desperately, devotedly in love with the fairy Spindleflower, but their love could never be as he was not of her kind , and she could never bring herself to love a human.

    “I love her, I love her, I love her! If I can’t have her, nobody will !”

    And so, he began to tell lies.

    Because, “…every time we tell a lie, some filigreed fairy must lay down and die”.

    nixie pixie druid Staff Member

    May 4, 2005
    re: 75 WORD CHALLENGE - February 2012 -- VOTE! -- READ LAST POST!

    Man's Best Friend

    They dug a hole in the ground, I thought they were hiding their bones. Instead they lowered in the box with my friend. I tried to stop them but they chased me away with yelps and stones. When they finished I lay down and cried. A man came and put me out, locked the gate thinking I couldn’t return, but I couldn’t leave as I knew my friend would come back for me.
    paranoid marvin

    paranoid marvin Run VT Erroll!

    Mar 9, 2007
    re: 75 WORD CHALLENGE - February 2012 -- VOTE! -- READ LAST POST!

    Probing Questions

    * * * Final Transmission From Grail Satellite 1 , five billion years from now * * *

    If she were me
    And I were she
    Could we compute together?

    Or could it be
    That she and me
    Weren't meant to be forever?

    What seemed to be
    Time endlessly
    In truth will soon be over

    The star you see
    That shines on we
    Will soon turn supernova
    Aun Doorback

    Aun Doorback Your place is magic

    Mar 11, 2011
    re: 75 WORD CHALLENGE - February 2012 -- VOTE! -- READ LAST POST!

    Brave new world

    They jeered as he was dragged forth.

    Zosima stood before him. Hammer of the faith.

    Malleus!’ The crowd roared

    The man dropped to his knees. Topless. His jeans, blood soaked and muddied.

    Zosima shook his head, before proclaiming.

    ‘I am his humble servant. Profoundly dedicated. How Plead you?’

    ‘But I’m the Messiah, returned.'

    The Inquisitor kissed him and whispered.

    ‘The Church does not need you. Your devotion is misplaced. We work for other side now’
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    Phoenixthewriter Maniac Braniac

    Sep 19, 2011
    re: 75 WORD CHALLENGE - February 2012 -- VOTE! -- READ LAST POST!

    Collateral Damage

    He took out the ones she didn’t like. Coconut. Pecan. This one had cherry, he left it in. Dark chocolate with lemon? Who eats this stuff?

    Vanilla, chucked. Truffle, Peanut, kept. Caramel, tossed.

    He left what remained on the stone.

    Here lies Margaret Frost
    She died a free spirit
    Married to a monster

    Her parents hated him.

    He brushed her name with a finger, shouldered his semi-automatic rifle, and left.

    “Happy Valentine’s day, love.”
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